Ramen Gan Gan Bouzu. Proud of our Tonkotsu soup.
Free noodle refill or half rice.
Extra heavy and filling ramen for students.
Special offer from 11:00 to 11:30.

As a popular ramen shop near Chiba Station, “Ramen GAN GAN BOUZU” has been loved by the locals for more than 20 years. In the hopes that many people, even from other countries can enjoy, our ramen is carefully made with a mild Tonkotsu soup without the strong smell of pork. Please take your time to experience our special ramen.

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Ramen topped with EVERYTHING.

Syoyu Tonkotsu Ramen

Our signature Tonkotsu soup is combined with a “Syoyu” (soy sauce) based sauce which is packed with rich savory flavors. This sauce has been added since our establishment, which allows the sauce to develop a richer, more complex flavor that enhances our ramen.​ ​The thin, straight noodles made from specially selected wheat flour go perfectly well with the soup.

Owner's recommendation

Available after 2:00p.m., with limited quantity. It is a soup-less noodle with our special spicy hot sauce with a kick to it. The extra-thick noodles are very satisfying. Please mix the sauce and noodles well before eating. It comes with a half bowl of rice so that you can even enjoy the leftover sauce at the end.

Abura soba
Spicy Negi Ramen
World's BEST

We aim to make the world’s best Negi (green onion) ramen with the maximum amount of special spicy Negi. The more you have, the more you want.


Spicy but delicious! Our signature Tonkotsu soup is combined with a special Miso and spicy sauce which creates a harmony of deliciousness and spiciness. Once you eat it, you cannot get out of this addiction!

Spicy Miso Ramen
Char Siu Don
Pork Lover

The soft and moist homemade Char Siu(braised pork) spread on top of the half-rice will make you happy with just one bite. There are set menus of Char Siu Don and Ramen with lower price.

From Kids to Adults

Delicious gyoza (dumplings) with juicy meat and crunchy vegetables. All meat and vegetables are domestically produced so they are fresh, reliable, and safe. We also have frozen Gyoza for takeaway.

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